Jen Gunderson

Sometimes I’m surprised at how much I love my work. How is it possible that I still enjoy what I started 20 years ago when I was an eager college student nerding out over the latest issue of McSweeneys or creating my elaborate origami résumé booklet? And let’s be honest, that résumé probably got trashed immediately by art directors in Minneapolis. And I made at least 80, damn it!

But here’s why it’s possible: I still love design because it constantly challenges me to learn, whether it be about a new product, a new book, a business, a cause. I can’t visually communicate any idea if I don’t understand it. So I dig deep. I go all in. I research, read, draw. And I learn. 

One week I’ll be designing infographics for a book on Alaska public policy, and then next week I will be brainstorming logo ideas with friends who are starting a new business (at their off-the-grid cabin, while drinking buckets of coffee and also involving a few homemade sourdough waffles). How fun is that?

Working alone isn’t always easy, but that’s why I work with clients I love (and hopefully the feeling is mutual.) Creating, collaborating, and pushing each other to do better, that’s where the beauty lies. The reaction of a client when they see how we have turned their idea into something tangible, that’s the best feeling. Those are the moments I work for.

I love to work with people who are passionate about making our community strong by building smart businesses and non-profits - people who want to put good and well-designed information out into the world. Whether it’s a reference book, an ad for our local environmental group, or new business materials for a friend, the design can make or break the success of any project.

Design matters.